Lily-Rose Depp is on the rise: Here’s what to know about the girl

Lily-Rose Depp is on the rise :- Lily-Rose Depp is no stranger to the Hollywood scene as she is the daughter of Johnny Depp and famous French singer Vanessa Paradis. While Depp has managed to keep a relatively low profile for most of his life – except for a few Chanel campaigns – his name seems to be coming up everywhere now. That’s because she’s starring in HBO’s upcoming series The Idol, playing the title role of Jocelyn, an aspiring pop star who falls into a toxic relationship with the owner of an L.A. nightclub. The show is reportedly starting this summer and for those wondering who exactly Lily-Rose Depp is, TZR did a little digging to find details about Hollywood’s latest It Girl.

She’ll turn into a vampish pop star, but for now, at her mother’s home in Los Angeles, Lily-Rose Depp is wearing a plain black camisole, her shoulder-length hair slightly tousled. Are. The only thing he shares with his character is a sultry voice, which sounds like Joule has taken human form.

Lily-Rose Depp is on the rise
Lily-Rose Depp is on the rise

But when she stepped out in Jocelyn’s platform stilettos, the 23-year-old model and actress discovered that missing out on singing and choreographing wasn’t the biggest challenge she faced in completing her pop-princess metamorphosis. “It was more about understanding how lonely you can feel even though everyone is looking at you,” Depp says.

She has followed in the footsteps of her mother.

Lily-Rose has consistently used her mother as an inspiration. In 2017, she copied old photographs of Paradis for a photo shoot with CR Fashion Book.

“Steven Klein shot these amazing photos of my mom when she was around my age,” Lily-Rose explained. “We shot pictures taped in front of a mirror. I have a similar gruff look.”

Depp stars in ‘The Idol’

Idol isn’t Depp’s first time in front of the camera, so the new HBO series will be the breakout moment of his career. “I’ve always dreamed of roles like this,” she said in a recent interview with i-D Magazine. “I don’t think you can give an actress a greater gift than a role like this. It’s been the most meaningful and important project I’ve ever done, and the one I’m most proud of.”

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